Basement Remodeling Chicago And Suburbs

Our basement remodeling Chicago team of experts makes renovating your space easy! Please give Chi-Renovation & Design a call to allow us to discuss with you the many available options you have in making your home's basement beautiful! Sometimes basement remodeling is necessary after water damage, while other times the family has outgrown the rest of the home and must expand and finish the basement to make more space. Whatever the reason is for your Chicago basement remodeling project, Chi-Renovation & Design has the expertise to get it done quickly and within budget. We can create plans for an unfinished basement that will include whatever your heart desires. Whether you need another bedroom and bathroom, a whole separate living quarter, a workshop, or a home theater, we have designed them all before. We can also come in and improve upon what already exists, such as simply framing your storage rooms. If you need more complex bedroom and bathroom designs, we have the team to complete everything from the framing and drywall to the plumbing and electrical. See below for explanations on the different types of basement remodeling in which we specialize.

Foundation Repair and Drain Tile

One of the most important things for any home is a solid foundation without cracks or leaks. Before we begin any basement remodeling project, we always want to evaluate the integrity of a home’s foundation to preserve the entire structure. First we look for cracks in the foundation walls and around windows and doors. Most importantly, we will inspect the areas where the foundation floor meets the walls. Often times, years of settling leads to small cracks or gaps that form between the foundation floor and the wall, allowing water to seep through. These cracks and gaps can bring on consequences ranging from dampness, which causes mildew, all the way to standing water inside the home’s basement. Once we identify any cracks in the foundation, we will begin to repair the cracks using specialized epoxies that are both high quality and cost effective. The epoxies we use are only available to professional contractors and often outlive the concrete surrounding them. After we have repaired all the cracks we will begin to look at the drain tile and determine whether or not they need to be improved. Drain tile repair is a costly endeavor so it is something we want to address on a case by case basis. When repairing or installing drain tiles a large portion of the foundation must be excavated and then replaced. As a result, in terms of the quality of foundation and waterproofing protection, the house will be like new again.

General Basement Remodeling Chicago

In general basement remodeling, we treat the process as if we are remodeling another room in your home. Certain aspects of a basement vary, like the appearance of support beams, HVAC ducts, and low ceilings. Besides those minor factors, the process of creating or redesigning a basement is similar to any other existing room. For simple rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms, we start by measuring the area to ensure a comfortable amount of space. Upon your approval, we will start framing the room using standard 2x4 wooden studs. We will of course create a complete electrical plan to keep the room up to current safety and technology standards. In addition, if we are planning to create a wet bar or bathroom area, we will take into account plumbing lines, sewer lines and anything else necessary to support the complete remodeling plan. After we have completed all the framing and the behind the wall electrical and plumbing has been installed, we will start to place insulation and drywall. We use high quality insulation to help keep the temperature comfortable and reduce noise transmission to other rooms of the home. Washers and dryers, HVAC systems and sump pumps can cause a great deal of noise and disturb the living quarters. Our goal is to insulate well enough to minimize any disturbances from other parts of the home.

Specialty Chicago Basement Remodeling

Our specialty basement remodeling approach is similar to our general basement remodeling methods, but with the added component of your specialty design creations in mind. Specialty designs may include game rooms, home theaters, workout rooms, spa rooms and other non-standard rooms. When we begin to design one of the specialty rooms, we will address specific needs in terms of structural support, electrical wiring plans, plumbing supply and drain setups, insulation, and of course heating, ventilation and air conditioning. One of the most common requests we receive for our basement remodeling Chicago projects is for home theater construction. They range from simple to complex, but all have quite similar design principals. On the simple end we can build a room with conduit inside the walls that run to a central point to allow placement of speaker wiring inside of the wall. We can also reinforce framing around where the TV will be mounted for extra support. Our team can design simple additional items to compliment home theaters like built in shelving or cabinetry for electronic equipment. For a more complex home theater design, we can install custom lighting and remote controlled dimmers. We also often will address issues with the air control duct, which helps prevent sound infiltration coming from air flow or other rooms in the home. Finally, one of the most popular items we put in is an electronics closet that helps make installation and maintenance of these components a breeze. With all of the options in home basement remodeling available today, it is critical to hire a qualified contractor that specializes in this process. We can take your basement from a simple foundation and transform it into a living space that you will be proud of and comfortable living in for years to come. Please call Chi-Renovation & Design for a free in home consultation to cover all of the details of your upcoming Chicago basement remodeling project!