Bathroom Remodeling Chicago And Suburbs

Bathroom remodeling Chicago should be synonymous with Chi-Renovation & Design! When considering a bathroom remodeling project, the first people you should think about giving a call to is Chi-Renovation & Design. We have skilled project managers and crews ready to start your bathroom remodeling project, in your home, condominium or office. With extensive experience in bathroom remodeling, we can complete the project from the ground up including, structural remodeling, electrical, plumbing and specialty designs. One of the most popular aspects of today’s bathroom remodels includes custom stone design in the shower, bathtub and even floor. A new modern technology that is used in many designs is radiant heat flooring. This feature allows the floor to feel warm to bare feet during the cold winter months. With radiant heat flooring in today’s modern bathrooms, many of the drawbacks of old stone designs have been alleviated. Please see below for some of the special designs Chi-Renovation & Design can bring into your Chicago bathroom remodeling project.

Classic Bathroom Remodeling Chicago

In classic bathroom remodeling we can either match the new design to the style of the old bathroom or we can upgrade it in a way that still matches the theme of the rest of the home. Generally these projects are lower in cost when compared to modern designs because they do not require as much demolition or reconstruction. They can be as simple as a minor facelift or as extensive as new plumbing and the rebuilding of bathrooms and showers. Whenever we are faced with a bathroom remodeling project we always want to first evaluate the condition of the plumbing to make sure that whatever work is done will not be damaged by aging pipes. We also make sure that the current fixtures can support the new plumbing fittings that will be installed. After our plumbing evaluation is complete, we will make recommendations as to the necessary upgrades to any supply or drain pipes, valves and any other necessary fittings. These upgrades will be included as primary modifications in any bath or shower remodeling project. After that, we can begin with the demolition of any walls including the removal of old plumbing apparatuses. Next, electrical upgrades will be completed such as, new heat or vent fans, lights and installation of receptacles. Following the electrical and plumbing upgrades, we can complete work on the flooring, bathtub or shower stall. Bathtub refinishing is a simple and economical way to update your bathtubs look without the effort of installing a new bathtub. Special techniques are used during the refinishing process and the end result is a bathtub that looks as good as new.

Modern Bathroom Remodeling Chicago

When we are called to a modern home for a Chicago bathroom remodeling project, we want to take a unique approach to the project. We consider the luxury options that are available to the homeowner, the budget available and how the homeowner plans to use the bathroom. One of the first things we want to look at is the size of the bathroom and how we can best use the available space to create a beautiful modern bathroom. After taking complete measurements of the room, as well as taking into account where the current plumbing, sewer and electrical connections are; we will begin to create a layout for the new modern concept. We will discuss the plan with you to best understand how you, the customer, would like the final outcome to look. In addition, we want to understand how you plan to use the new features as this can greatly affect our plans for showers, baths, vanities and other aspects of the bathroom. After we discuss the plans with you we will brainstorm a few alternate ideas and options that we have available. We want to maximize the openness of the space, but also provide ample storage either in closets or under the sink.

Luxury Bathroom Amenities

Whether you decide on a classic or modern design for your Chicago bathroom remodeling project, there are many technologies available to you to create a beautiful new living space inside of your home. One of the most common choices people make in bathroom remodeling Chicago is to install a low flow toilet. Low flow toilets use less water per flush and are an environmentally friendly option. By using less water without reducing flushing performance, the toilets often save homeowners money on their water bill. Many homeowners want to take being environmentally friendly to the next level and will also choose low flow shower heads that still feel outstanding; low flow faucets for sinks are also readily available. Another wonderful option available when remodeling a tile floor is a radiant heating system. When we install marble slab or tile floors, customers often complain of cold floors in winter months even when using floor towels. Radiant heating systems may be installed in the floor to warm it. It’s truly a joy to step onto a warm floor on a cold winter morning. Whether you plan a classic or modern design for your home's bathroom remodeling project, make Chi-Renovation & Design your first call. We have the expertise and personnel to complete the job quickly and painlessly. We will work diligently to minimize noise and disruption to your families lives. In addition, we are licensed, bonded and insured, which protects you from any mishaps during the course of the remodeling project. We guarantee all of our work for up to 10 years so you will not have to worry about leaks, faulty wiring or other deterioration after the project is complete. If you are ready for an in home estimate, or just have a few questions before you plan your Chicago bathroom remodeling project, please give us a call now. We can schedule you right away for a free in home estimate and then will work hard to gain your trust. We not only want to complete your bathroom remodeling project, but want to be your trusted source for any Chicago home remodeling projects!

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"I knew the bathroom remodel wouldn’t be easy, but I was amazingly surprised with how smooth Chi-Renovation & Design made it for us. With kids running around, having workmen is always a bit difficult, but our crew was always on time, friendly and kept the workspace very clean....." Read More Reviews